13 Ways to Make the Kitchen Look Attractive and Perfect

To make your kitchen design look attractive and perfect, there are several ways that you can do, including:

Colored cabinet

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in your kitchen design. Gray, blue tones and even shades of mint green are great alternatives for your kitchen cabinets.


Make sure you have the ‘kitchen work triangle’. The distance between the preparing, cooking, and cleaning are shouldn’t be too far to each other so that your activities can be done more efficiently.

Empty the counter

Store oil and spices near the stove, the baking tray near the oven, and plates and cutting board near the prep table so that all items can be accessed easily. This way, the kitchen counter will be a better place for cooking preparation.


One simple trick to make your kitchen look more spacious is to maximize the natural light available.

Kitchen appliances

Using colored kitchen appliances is an ideal way to add a style to the kitchen. You can use dark colored or black appliances made of stainless steel.

Consider space

When planning a kitchen design, it is important to give careful consideration to how space will be used. How the kitchen should function is a matter of each person’s needs and your kitchen should reflect that.


Adding color features can directly convert a plain kitchen into a room with a unique visual appeal.

Hide the sink

Avoid placing your sink in an easily seen place, especially if you are a lazy person to wash dishes. It’s because a sink full of dirty dishes will make the kitchen as a whole looks a mess.

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Nowadays, drawers are more popular than cabinets to be used as storage because it’s sometimes difficult to take something out of the cabinet that is too high.


You should use simple and easy to clean finishing for your kitchen furniture.

Overlook the trend

Trends in kitchen design are not necessarily followed. Innovative kitchen design is all about skill in using space, materials, and layout to achieve the functional and aesthetic purpose.

Contrast material

If you use dark colored furniture, use materials such as glass and marble to soften the dark look.

Tiles backsplash

Avoid using glass or mirror for backsplash because it can reflect all the mess and make the kitchen look cluttered. It’s better to use tiles as the backsplash material.