4 Ideas of Hanging Cabinet Design for a Minimalist Kitchen

In the arrangement or decoration of the kitchen, the most important thing is the installation of the furniture. One of the furniture is the hanging cabinet. The hanging cabinet is furniture that must be present in the kitchen. In the selection of the hanging cabinet, you need to consider its suitability with the theme of the kitchen and also with other elements in the kitchen, especially for a minimalist kitchen. You cannot go wrong in choosing hanging cabinets for a minimalist kitchen. The wrong hanging cabinet will make the kitchen look more cramped. So, here are 4 ideas of hanging cabinet design that you can apply in your minimalist kitchen:

Wooden hanging cabinet with glass doors

The use of wooden cabinets is a common choice for most people. The addition of glass for its doors is intended to show the content of the hanging cabinet. The addition of glass will allow you to know the content of the cabinet and you will have no trouble in finding the glassware or other items that you store inside it.

Stainless steel hanging cabinet

The use of this kind of cabinet is very suitable to be combined with kitchen equipment made of stainless steel. For example, cookware and washing equipment made of full stainless steel will be very suitable to be combined with stainless steel cabinet. It will look very elegant.

The touch of white

Applying a color to the hanging cabinet will give a more elegant impression. You can use white on your whole cabinet. For those of you who like white color or elegant concept, the use of white on all the furniture in the kitchen will be perfect for you.

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Wooden hanging cabinet with closed design

The closed hanging cabinet is a standard design used by most people. If you prefer something standard, then it doesn’t matter if you use this type of cabinet. To make closed hanging cabinets don’t look monotonous, you can add accessories near the cabinet such as paintings, caricature, or fruit mannequin.

Well, that’s 4 ideas of hanging cabinet design that you can apply to decorate your minimalist kitchen. Make sure you choose the one that is the most suitable for your kitchen and can enhance the look of your kitchen. Good luck!