4 Outside View Living Room Inspirations That Bring Freshness

Having a house that has a field around is really pleasant. There are some benefits when you have field, garden or places which have a nice view around your home. You can build patio, flower garden, kid play area or the others. However, we are not going to discuss about the field any further, but we want to present you some living room designs that have fresh outside views which around the house. They look cozy, nice-looking, fresh and also comfortable. Check them out!

This place uses neutral colors with gray and brown. It presents a nice view outside the house with the use of wide glass wall and glass doors. The glass covered by lovely curtains dangle from the ceiling to the floor. This room uses long sectional sofa with green throw pillows. Also, the side chairs seem enticing placed side by side. Combination between the wooden fireplace wall and coffee table looks match and fancy. Black colors in this living room create good accents for the whole sections.

Apparently, the owner wants to get a room where She/he can have a relaxing time with entertainment stuff in this room. It can be seen from the furniture arrangement that tends to face toward the Television. However, look at the nice view beyond the glass walls. You can feel fresh when gathering with family in this living room, the use of wood shelves also help this condition. Black accent on the wall and wonderful art has appears magnificent.

This one can be the most colorful living room example on this list. There are gray couches, a chair in floral print and red chairs that have stripes pillows. I really like the paintings and photographs that attached to the dark wall there. Not only that, it also added some kind of sconces to create dramatic look. Furthermore, beautiful view can be seen through the window panels. It is very comfortable, right?

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This formal living room has elegant look with dark brown color that combined with white and cream accents. The solid impression appears from the great ceiling beams there while the classic chandelier looks nice to be one of the decorative furniture in this living room along with the sconces and painting. Formal impression can be reduced by the beautiful scenery outside this room.