5 Easy Steps Organizing Kitchen Shelves and Cabinets

If you see your kitchen, your family or friend’s kitchen, then there will be two possibilities, clean or dirty, neat or messy. This difference of look occurs due to the difference in habit and diligence in organizing and cleaning the kitchen area. Most of the dirty and messy kitchen is caused by lazy owners or ignorance about how to organize and design a kitchen interior, especially the shelves and cabinets. Here are 5 easy steps organizing kitchen shelves and cabinets.

Make a list

Yes, the first thing to do is make a list. Start with the list of ingredients and spices, cookware, pans, and other necessities in the kitchen. By making a list, you can estimate how much space is needed to put stuff in the kitchen cabinet. Make this list as you empty the contents of the kitchen cabinet.

Put spices in the container

Don’t be stingy to buy decent spice containers, sized according to the needs and airtight. Move the spices that haven’t got a container into a new spice container that you purchase. In this way, you don’t have to worry about spices become soggy or unusable due to damage.

Clean the kitchen shelves

After that, clean the kitchen shelves. Don’t forget that you also need to make sure the shelves are dry before putting the ingredients, spices, and cookware in it.

Put containers and cookware in the cabinet

Put the spices containers and various other cookwares in the kitchen cabinet. The key in organizing a kitchen cabinet is putting the most often used items at the location nearest to you. For items that are rarely used, should be put at the top of the cabinet.

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Maintain the kitchen cabinet

Lastly, make sure you perform maintenance on the kitchen cabinet. Clean dust and dirt every week. Also, make sure the spices containers are kept clean. Don’t let any spices, sauces, soy sauce, and water spilled. This way, your kitchen cabinet will always look clean and maintained.

Clean, maintained, and well-organized kitchen shelves and cabinets will certainly make the look of the kitchen more attractive and tidy. So, you should make sure that all details in the kitchen are taken care of. Good luck!