9 Creative Ideas to Create Storage in Small Kitchen

A limited space of the kitchen is no longer a reason for you to create a neat and beautiful kitchen. With a little creativity, you can change the existing items in the kitchen to be storage. The storage location doesn’t always have to be in the kitchen cabinet, but could be anywhere, by utilizing the remaining space to create storage without making the kitchen looks messy. Here are some creative ideas that you can follow.

Utilize cabinet door

Utilize the inside part of the kitchen cabinet to store spices by installing hooks to hang a rack. The cabinet door can be used to paste recipes as well.

Space under the sink

The empty space under the sink can be used as storage to store kitchen appliances and utensils or cleaning equipment such as brush or a small bucket.

Use cork board

The cork board can be functioned to hang the collection of the measuring spoon or cutting board.

Storage bags

The bag made of fabric or plastic that is normally used to store accessories or children toys can also be used to store kitchen utensils such as gloves, napkins, or dish washing sponge.

Plastic container

Utilize unused plastic containers as a place to store spices. Another alternative is using iron folder to store foodstuff such as various types of pasta.


Paste a knife on a magnet bar is an interesting idea to make it easier for you to find and use the collection of knife for cooking.


Utilize a pegboard as a place to hang kitchen utensils such as spatulas or small pans. Hang the pegboard above the sink so that it allows you to put the items in its place easily after washing.

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Magazine rack

A wooden rack that is usually used to display magazines can be utilized as a place to store cutting board.


Use mugs as a place to put spoons and forks. Choose mugs with a beautiful design so that the kitchen looks more attractive.

The most important thing in creating storage in the kitchen is your creativity and sensitivity to utilize every space available. Good luck!