9 Small Kitchen Space-Saving Ideas

If you have a small kitchen, you have to be smart in saving the space. So, here are 9 small kitchen space-saving ideas that you can apply.

Hanging all kitchen utensils

Try to hang all kinds of your kitchen utensils. You can use hanging spice racks, hanging pot racks, etc. It will be simpler if you use a pegboard. The pegboard can be used to hang your kitchen utensils so it will save space in the kitchen.

Using oven as an extra cabinet

It’s indeed a unique way, but you can still do it to save space in your kitchen. You can utilize an unused oven as an extra storage of kitchen utensils.

Stove top cover

A stove usually has a flat cover that can be utilized as a place to prepare a variety of foods. You can put the cutting board on the stove to start the cooking preparation.

Adding racks in the cabinet

You can add some racks in the cabinet so it can store more kitchen utensils compared to the one without racks. Besides that, the cabinet will look neater and you can find the utensil you need more easily.

Using multifunctional appliances

Try to replace your kitchen non-multifunctional appliances. For example, you can use a coffee maker with a milk frother or a coffee maker with a toaster.

Choosing small-sized kitchen appliances

If you are a small family of only two or three people, you surely don’t have to prepare a lot of food servings as well as needing a lot of tableware and food storage. Hence, try to consider choosing small-sized kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave, cabinet, stove, etc.

Storing kitchen utensils ergonomically

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Cookware that is frequently used such as spatulas, stirrer spoon, and other serving ware should be put in a container near the stove. For the measuring tools, dough maker, food processing and cooking tools like grater, spoon, measuring cup, can opener, etc are put on the prep counter.

Stacking the utensils

To save space, you can stack kitchen utensils such as pans, bowls, frying pans, plates, washbasins, etc. Put small utensils inside big utensils.

Cabinet door storage

To add storage space, you can install a rack in the cabinet door using hooks. This rack can be used to put spoons, cup lids, can openers, etc.

Hope it helps. Good luck!