Acrylic and Fiberglass, Which One is Better

Walk-in tubs are one of the most favorite bathtub model for almost people. But, they only thinking about the aesthetics and do not consider the material the bath tub made from.  On the other hand, there is a big difference between acrylic and fiberglass. You should think about this before decide to choose one of them.

Acrylic is synthetic fibers made from polymer. Proceed of making the acrylic is by using high-temperature heat, so acrylic can be a strong and waterproof material. You can use this acrylic bathtub in a long time without a scratch. But, it needs regular cleaning and uses strong disinfectant to clean this material. This acrylic can stay the warm water longer than the other material.

Even so, acrylic bath tub spends a lot of money than fiberglass due to the long process of the manufacture and the base material is expensive. Especially, if the bathtub has a complicated feature and detailing in design. Fiberglass material usually has a special gel to covering the basic material. This cover provides the model and giving the finishing touch to the fiberglass.

When it comes to the fiberglass material, gel coat is an important “ingredient” to fiberglass walk-in tub or shower. Fiberglass is the porous material that colored by polyester resin. This material is more breakable than acrylic. It also tends to discolor easily and look dull by the time. In addition, if you scratched this fiberglass it difficult to repaired.

There is still advantage using fiberglass bathtub. Fiberglass having a perfect color which is can match with any wall painting. The fiberglass price also cheaper than acrylic.  If you maintenance the fiberglass properly the glossy surface will stay in a long time. But, if there is a crack you can use epoxy resin kit to execute a simple repair.

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If you still confusing choose between acrylic and fiberglass, you can consider what do you need? What kind of material you prefers more like?

What budget you want to spend? And the family member opinion is important too.

If you want to buy the cheap and stylish walk-in bath tub you go with fiberglass. But if you want the durables one you can choose acrylic.