Adding Green Elements in the Living Room to Add Refreshing Nuance

The green color is a symbol of beauty, purity, health, fertility and harmony. Besides, certain room that has shades of green will invite refreshed and calm impression. The green color should be used in a family room, living room, study room or playing room.
Adding green elements in the home interior is the right decision that you can do. By placing greenery in your living room, you can make its display become fresher in visual. Moreover, you air condition can be more refreshing. However, you cannot just put the plants on the table, but you can make the display of the plants by doing these four simple tips.

1. Determine your pots or containers that you really like. There are so many options range from the simplest one such as cans which are able to be recycled to the antique big pot as you idea based on your interior taste.
2. Provide cactus plants. This one is the most common plant used in the living room because it is easiest plants to be maintained. Just simply watering them once a week. Cactus has a fancy small shape that can be an interesting decorative element between your book collections.
3. Some ordinary living room plants can also be appropriate option that can refresh the air in your living room maximally. However, consider the right maintenance for this plant, of course it will be more difficult that just a cactus. You have to be conscientious to know whether it is less of water or even excess of water. The way to check it out is by touching it; if you feel it is dry, and then it means need more water.
4. Regroup the plants in a single pot to add a texture in the living room. Choose several different plants and put them into one group.
5. Add green element does not tend to provide plants. You can add some accessories for the living room display such as bowls, paintings, or some small green accented pillows. Green area rug can be a great idea.

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That’s it, with those simple tips; you will make a different nuance in your interior, especially living room and can serve your family and guests more refreshing.