Adorable Living Room Decorations with Blue Scheme Seating Part 1

We summon an adorable living room from its decoration, furniture arrangement and colors scheme which appears in it. In a modern era, we are able making a certain theme by using some elements in our interior. In this case, I mean the furniture colors. For those who want to get a fresh and cool atmosphere, you could try to give bluish feel by adding blue scheme seating whether provided from sofa or chairs. For your inspirations, I’ll give away some adorable living room decorations with blue seating area. Look at them and see how they affect your mind.

Blue sofa and geometric rug
This place uses blue scheme seating with deep blue sofa adorned by gray cushions. Several coffee tables are arranged neatly and decorated with vases, pots and books. On the floor, there is a geometric lattice rug in Damascus Blue scheme that made from Tibetan wool. Main wall as the focus point has large painting in the middle of sunny mirrors. Not to mention, a great table lamp with the same blue color can increase its freshness.

White Living Room with blue scheme seating
The living room was designed by Sarah Stewart-Smith using Victorian London terrace. However, what makes this living room feels fresher is its bright glass walls allow us access to come inside the room that combined with dark blue L-shape sofa. It also comes with proper ottoman table in the middle. White paint walls invite a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

Bahamas Beach House Living Room
Homeowner entrusted the living room to John McCall as interior designer to create a cool British atmosphere. However, it does create a coastal impression yet not too beachy living room. Blue scheme seating dates with a few chairs and sofas. George smith sofa and armchairs combined with rattan chairs. It embodies a gorgeous room which is beautiful and refreshing. In addition, the living room decor looks very charming with attractive paintings and shelves

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Blue scheme seating that plays with fire
This living room side is very interesting due to the presence of its tracery striking blue color combination with colorful floral painting, vase and ottoman. In addition, give a great appreciation for fireplace mantle. Fiery pattern provides a gorgeous beauty here. Comfortable shapes of chairs make us more pleasant when chatting in the living room.