Alluring Living Room Design Idea That Can Bring Inspiration

It is such a joy when you already have a stunning modern living room with some sophisticated furniture around. You can serve your family member, friends, relatives, and others proudly. A living room should be the most appropriate place to bring an attractive and relaxing mood when you need to relax. What do you feel when you look at this living room example? A modern minimalist living room with simple furniture arrangement. This is an example of the stunning living room which can make you bear to stay inside.

As the neutral color that is chosen, white and gray colors can make it feels appealing. The wooden floor that has lighter color also make it easy to combine with any furniture.

This room does not have too much color combination; therefore we do not feel a cramped atmosphere. The use of red color on an area rug, lounge chair, and curtain are a very precise combination of living room measure element. Two lower tables are arranged in a zig-zag intended that we do not feel bored and allows guests to move pass through it. This living room does not use a wardrobe in it, even you can make a bookshelf like this arrangement by installing wooden boards on the wall. Very simple and easy, right?

The lower cabinet at the bottom has double functions. First, you can put your DVD player or other entertaining stuff on the top. The second function is you can store some DVD cassettes or the others in the drawer.

For the room lighting, there are two kinds of lights that are used. First, modern lamps installed in the ceiling as the main lighting of the living room. The second is a reading lamp that is placed on the lounge chair. Therefore, you can enjoy your leisure time by reading a book at night with a proper exposure.

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The absence of the cupboard has been overcome by the placement of a customized cabinet there; it can be used to store some essential equipment.  So, hopefully this living room can give you idea to make a stunning design for your own interior design.