Appealing Living Room Colorations with Geometric Wallpapers Part 1

There will be a time when you start to learn something new about living room decoration. You might consider painting the room with attractive colors, or paste wallpaper for the living room. Wallpaper has become the choice of many people as it can provide maximum beauty to your living room wall. However, you will definitely get confused with multiple motifs and wallpaper selection on the market. Besides, do you have much time to choose? The following, we present some living room designs with beautiful and colorful wallpapers that perhaps you’ve never seen.

Colorful living room

Nobody can refuse this living room to have a relaxing time. I mean, look at those colorful impressions. Natural color such as white can be the perfect foundation when decorating the living room which full of color. Everything in this place look stunning with the geometric wallpaper around the entrance door, blue chairs, orange rug and colorful throw pillows.

Ascot living room

The wallpaper seems unique and has an Asian impression, I think. With gray and white colors, it combined perfectly for the curtains and wall colors. Black elements in this living room also invite a more elegant feel but of course, it looks neat. White sofa and comfortable sleeper couch can make your time to be pleasant. Generally, this living room has a contemporary design which looks really tidy.

Darien home

This living room comes with different furniture size, different textures, or even colors. However, it is really works even though the blue wallpaper has different color and looks contrasted to the brown zebra rug. Stripes throw pillows and all the decoration stuff can blends very well in this space. With the large gray couch, two squared ottoman tables and a wicker chair prove that it uses variety of furniture.

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Decorex room

When we talk about the prints and colorations, this living room maybe is the perfect one which has elaborate elements of colors and textures. Despite this room only shown up for exhibition, but his living room decoration deserved to be in your inspiration list. With the combination of yellow, red, green, orange and blue, it also provides the geometrical texture on the wallpaper. This one is really inviting for the occupants.