Appealing Living Room Colorations with Geometric Wallpapers Part 2

What do you think about the first article of appealing living room decorations with geometric wallpapers? They must be made you impressed, right? You must be still curious for the other living room inspirations. Here, on this second article we would like to present more of wallpaper inspirations for you. This time, some of the pictures are more colorful then the first one. Check this out!

Rachel Reider Interiors

If you are a woman and want to create a living room that personalize feminism, and then this living room can be your inspiration. The use of pink wallpaper on the whole walls seems lovely and attractive. This helped by the furniture’s that are used. Two oval mirrors, brown curtains, wide purple ottoman and shiny bluish couch. Paintings and side chairs make a warmer impression in this space while the green seating and small table combined well to the brown rug.

Relaxed and fun living room

This room looks fancy by its design that looks different from the rest living room arrangement that we see today. However, it is a kind of a formal living room with lovely wallpaper at the front side of the room; moreover, the furnishing provides a comfortable seating place in formal nuance. Lively tree trunk as the center table combined very well with the plant.

Westport Living room

The combination of yellow and cream in this living room can make me impressed because it looks attractive and striking. Look at the contrasted nuance here. Yellow fireplace wallpaper mixed with the shelve colors and patterned pillows on the cream sofas. In addition, a proper combination also can be seen from the rug. Glossy coffee table seems elegant and plush with golden decorative item. I almost forget the lovely yellow chandelier here.

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Red Egg Design

It can be the reverse of the other living room designs that I have presented to you. I mean the wallpaper has simple black and white patterns while the furnishing has lots of colors here. Red on the carpet and lots of color on the rug have their fun impression. Some ornaments, wall decorations, and also the prints can increase an adorable and fun ambiance in this living room.