Arrange Your Dining Room

The dining room is the room where the family gathered together. Create an intimate dining room to make the togetherness moment become an unforgettable moment. In addition, the dining room could also be a place to entertain guests. In order to make your dining room become beautiful and comfortable, there are some tips for you.

First, you need to choose the right table that would be suited to the dining area shape. Then you need to choose the chairs with a unique design to make the dining table become a stylish focal point. You can also choose the mismatched chair to create an attractive look of the dining room but still comfortable and balanced. When sitting, the table height is lower than your chest but higher than your stomach.

The dining room should be bright; natural light is the best lighting for the dining room. We recommend you put the dining table and chairs near the Windows. Add a chandelier above the table to brighten the dining room when dinner.

Choose colors that are able to arouse the appetite, such as red, Orange, or green that can be used as a fresh accent. Combine with a neutral color or the color of the soil, such as light brown, beige, black, or white.

Use the wall surrounding the table as storage and as a place to display your favorite china. If you want to personalize your dining room, you should add a partition to dividing the dining room light as with other spaces.

To anticipate the needs of counter party, buy and use two tables (one table for family meals, the other for a party). When the big family coming or if you create a party and invite many special guests who needs to be treated, you should unite two tables. Instantly, you have a rectangular table for formal or informal meals.

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Choose comfortable dining chairs, the armchair is recommended chair you can choose. High backrest seems formal, while the lower backrest is informal.

The table surface with the rough-textured materials preferably coated with a sheet of transparent glass which is durable. The surface of the table is having glossy furnish.