Beach Nuance Living Rooms with Casual and Cozy Designs

When it comes to think about relaxing place, it often brings us to the beach. If you do not have a time to get vacation on the beach, decorating the living room with ocean themes or nautical nuance can be a great idea. This living room decoration could make you feel a different nuance with some ocean elements. We have collected some beach nuance living rooms that have inspiring decorations using nature elements especially from the coast. Now you can scroll down to see these beautiful living spaces and find your ideas.

The first living room has a quiet simple beach nuance with the coast photograph above the fireplace. In addition, there are tropical beach elements such as wood boards and star fish arranged in such way to make it looks like American flag. Wooden X-legs coffee table placed nicely in the middle of white sofas. Orange and white in his living room look striking and stand out. Unique side tables and patterned pillows have the same color while a beautiful chandelier gives a drama in this room.

What most “beach” element in this living room must be the decorative surfing board that placed near the wooden shelf. There are also some corals and decorative items on the shelf. With blue couch and glass top coffee table, it brings the coast into the home interior. The plants provide the fresh air to this living room.

This place has a cozy and lovely impression with the use of white furnishings. The most striking stuff in this place must be a large fish that hung on the wall. I really wonder about the couch below the wall hanging here, it seems really soft and pleasurable. With whicker side chairs, glass table and comfortable carpet, this room is really perfect to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Beach decorative elements in this space certainly bring the ocean into the house interior. With some snail pictures attached to the pale blue wall, it impresses every person visiting and reminds them with the beach. An intimate chatting area can be seen by the furniture arrangement. With white couches placed face to face, coffee table and side chair, this place is appropriate to gather with family.