Beautiful Living Room with Antique Combinations of Wood and Stones

What do you think when you look over this living room? Very perky, isn’t it? The combination of the nature stones with wood creates a rustic atmosphere that is condensed in this living room. Starting from the ceiling, you find this living room uses a large wooden roof of the house as the main buffer. This living room design often encountered a rustic style in east Europe. The uses of antique chandelier provide a warm atmosphere and the beauty of the room.

The walls that made of nature stones gives a brave accent and have a strong focus in this living room. The walls also provide the stone fireplace in it. If you look at close to this living room, you will understand that this is a combination of rustic and modern living room. Look at the wooden floor that is very soft and nice looking. This antique decoration tends to have a brown color shade.

Actually, this is not really large living room. Therefore, the sofa that is used is the single sofa. However, it still provides extra seating with an arm chair. Also, the lounge chair can make you feel comfortable because it also has a small foothold. Thus, visitor can enjoy the fireplace and relaxing with this lounge chair. The brown color is most proper to chose adjusting the living room atmosphere. With the addition of table light with a more yellow lamp give a warmer nuance in the room. The only different color in this living room is the green plants that put on the lower table with a unique shape. This plants is very fleshy than the other item in this living room.

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Another nice thing is the stairs that can take you to a more private area such as the writing desk above. And then, you find the door next to the desk where you can go outside and enjoy the scenery. The rustic living room can give a natural atmosphere. This type of living room always becomes the major choice for the household to make a unique display in their house. Rustic living room is very pleasing and comfortable; therefore it is the best place to relax.