Black Shade Living Room Accent Give an Elegant Look

The dark accent in the living room increasingly is an option for the people decorating their interior. By providing the dark furniture color such as black, we can easily produce several different styles in your living room. All you need to do is choose the best combination of them.

To create the modern atmosphere for the living room, you can choose the black furniture and then blend it with the white accents. This is not a must option compulsory; you can also combine your black furniture with other bright accents. However, white is usually being the best to be chosen. Here you can make these examples for the idea.

This is an example of combination between the black and the white color accent as what explained above. The main color of this living room is actually white for the wall and beige for the curtain. Providing the black and white sofa make this bright living room has a little elegant look inside. Then the small rug in the middle of the sofa can beautify the living room display.

If you want to make your living room interior become more luxurious, you may not only choose black color for the furniture, but you can generate your whole living room with the dark color. The combination of black and gray color will be a great idea. As you can see that, almost all furniture has the dark shade which is very elegant and sophisticated. With the white touch on the rug, table lamps and accessories on the cupboard give a proper contrast there. Remember to consider your living room space if you want to create the black accent, because this is actually suggested for the spacious living room.

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You also make a black accent combine with other colors such as red and brown. This example is very simple decoration with the black and red color sofa. This furniture also has sleeper section there to give a comfortable relaxing time. The dark yet elegant accent become more pronounced with the brown color walls there. However, it also has a white color as the room counterweight. To create the best black accent in your living room, you may need to do some research what is the proper color to be presented in your house. Also, do not forget to match the living room accent with the whole rooms in your house to get the theme conformity.