Blue Based Bedroom Design Ideas

For those who want to bring something new in her / his private zone then you need to read this article. Transforming a bedroom is an art; you can’t just decorate your little sanctuary randomly. Now take a look at this bedroom design that based on blue color. You would love it, especially if you are in love with this color.

How do you feel after looking at this wonderful blue accent bedroom design? Quite charming isn’t?  this master bedroom tries to mix reclaimed materials, antique furniture, and vintage artwork to make the whole room looks more charming than before. The combination really blends well in this country bedroom design. Using old wood to bring out some country atmosphere around and the furniture arrangement helps to boost it to the next level.

The blue accent that created by printed pillows, and striped quilt and the vase paint vibrating around the room, it makes cohesive and soothing look. The best part of using blur color accent is it can boost your sleep and help you to make a calming environment. You might already know that blue color in color psychology associated with calming color, while sky blue is the most calming color among the other colors. That why this color combination can cover up the old atmosphere that created by the woods.

There another way to decorate one bedroom. The trick is to play using pattern, you might find it as the easiest way to room decorating. For example at the picture above you can see that the owner trying to create some kind of “headboard”. This “headboard” is created by upholstering the back wall with soft wool plaid fabric. To make it perfect you just need to trim with nail heads, this way you can help to maximize space.

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To liven up the room’s atmosphere you can mix some texture such as a wooden chandelier, cotton ticking, burlap lamp shades, and gingham sheets. This room owner also adds personal touch by adding leather initials on the wall. That arrangement can create more subtle and sophisticated fells. Do you want to create this kind of bedroom for yours?