Blue Brown and Orange Accents in the Dazzling Living Rooms Part 1

When the living room needs a revamp, some people tend to re-coloring their walls, or adding wallpaper. Besides, you can also create a certain drama with some striking elements and colors. Add trick by providing several vibrant colors can make a different feel and nuance in your living room. Therefore, your guests will be given a memorable aura when they visit the house.  This time, we are going to give you several living room decorations using blue, brown and orange accents which applied on the pillows, wall decors, wall paints or even the rugs. Here they are!

Pleasant colorful living room

In this spacious house, the use of gray sofa is very appropriate and looks colorful with some pillows which some of them use floral orange cases paired with plain blue and orange pillow cases. Blue also comes from the wall side that decorated with wall hangings. Cream and beige colors on the pillars create a natural yet still pretentious. On the ceiling, there is a great brown accent that really completes the look to be cozier.

Brentwood – Sullivan Canyon

Apparently, this living room has a more traditional that combined with contemporary design. That is really stylish and comfortable for everyone living here. Dark vaulted ceiling create a shady atmosphere which looks lovely. In this room, the use of bubble hanging chair with blue accent surely increase a certain statement for the living area. In addition, some lamps with orange lights give a dramatic ambiance along with the orange and reddish furniture in the middle of the area.

Haverford Gatehouse

The color combination between white and dark blue on the walls seems match perfectly and invite a cozy yet elegant in the space. The brown colored furniture fit with dark wood shiny floor. Moreover, by using dark blue ottoman, stripes side chairs, small orange stool, they are all have an inviting impression for the guests.

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Family Room in Boston

A traditional family room here seems full of fabrics and enticing with orange, blue, brown and white colors. However, the most interesting part of this room is the cove ceiling above. It brings a luxurious impression to the entire space. White walls also provide a bright ambiance; therefore, this family room can be really fabulous.