Bright and Modern Contemporary Living Room as Your Inspiration

To those of you who want to decorate the new living room, or you want to just re-decorating the new look of your living room, you may want to take the contemporary living room with the bright accent. Why? It is because most of the people use the modern contemporary because we can make an arrangement with so many inspirations as the option. This time, we suggest picking one of the inspirations that you can provide.

It will be harmful if you can make the living room come with many touches of patterns. The furniture can be given the completeness with the patterns. The variant pattern can be used to make the living room more vibrant and does not seem monotonous. You may look at this picture here, despite the fact that it does not many color combinations; it has several patterns on the pillows and other accessories such as the plants. It uses a green leafy plant with white blooms. In addition, it also placed large picture plant. This condition makes the living room livelier with the nature atmosphere.

The brick stone fireplace mantel also dominates the accent of modern contemporary living room design. You can apply a little combination of white and light brown color on the wall; thus, you will get the bright atmosphere yet not seems monotonous. You can see the two white sofas blend with the coffee table which is very fit to the seating. Besides the white sofas, it also added two brown chairs sweetly placed near the stairs. To create an atmosphere that is warm, illumination using light table can also be done.

Overall, this living room has a style that creates a contemporary accent that will make you inspired. However, if you have a more open space, you can make the living room with the bright airy design. Remember to use the bright colors to use as the primary color option; therefore, you will always get a bright atmosphere. With the bright color and several proper air circulations can produce the bearing and comfortable living place. The air circulation can be created by present lots of open windows.

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