Catchy Blue Beach Living Room Atmosphere

Beach tends to have blue color and complemented by some elements such as fishes, sea horses, snails, starfishes and the others. It also has an ocean colors and also supported by sand. Moreover, some nautical living rooms also have boat equipments for the living room d├ęcor. If you want to create a blue living room that brings the beach atmosphere, you may take a look at these examples below.

At this picture, we can feel a fresh and cool nuance because this living room uses light blue colors. This small room has lots of blue colored stuff range from the couch, patterned side chairs to the wall hangings and photographs. The shiny coffee table in the middle can reflect the shade of paintings and make the look becomes more bluish. Wood tables with pretty lamps look sweet and certainly give a proper illumination on evening.

In this living room, the beach theme combined with nautical space which creates a boat nuance. There is a dark blue sectional couch with side chair and lower coffee table. Some nautical elements such as boat wheel, paddles and the others invite a thick maritime atmosphere in this living room. Binoculars tripod seems unique to be placed neat the chair, brings this living room into a scheme.

I also like this living room color combination with white and blue seating. The most appealing impression in this room is provided by those patterned pillows on the couches. Wooden element that comes from the middle table invites the nature into, but we cannot just ignore the coastal items on the table and fish sketch above the fireplace. on the left and right of it, there are two blue jar which seem pretty lovely.

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Wall decors of boat in this living room surely invite people to think of beach nuance. It contents of some pretty furniture with white and blue colors. It featured with area rug, damask chairs and blue throw pillows. All of them give nice highlight to the entire living room. Floral prints chairs at the front looks adorable, while curtains on the shutters appear handsome, right? Moreover, dark glossy flooring is chosen to generate an elegant look on the canvass.