Charming Bathroom with Natural Exposures

As you can see in the picture above, there is a bathroom which is equipped with some essential facilities, such as the bathtub, shower room, vanity, cabinets, and drawers. This bathroom is not only designed by considering its functions but also the beauty. The designer who has poured an idea and actualizes it surely thinks about the satisfaction of the users. The designer wishes that anyone who enters this room can feel homey and relax.

In this room, there is a step-up tub near the windows. The inside part of the tub has a pristine white color whilst the outer part is made of the ceramic which is also used for the floor material. On the sides of the wall that cover the tub, a lot of hexagonal patterns which are made in a row embellish this tub. This tub is equipped with a faucet that has minimalist style. Furthermore, because this tub is close to the white wood-framed windows, the natural exposures can enter and brighten up the room during the day. There are two windows that have a medium size are constructed on the upper wall, right adjacent with the ceiling. Meanwhile, a big window is neighboring with the tub. With this window location is right beside the bathtub, while you are soaking in the tub, you can also enjoy the out scenery through it. Plus, the fresh air is able to come in and it is good for the air circulation. If you feel the lights outside are too bright, you can add draperies to each window.

This room is also equipped with a shower room which is encircled by the frosted glass. In the bottom and upper parts of the shower wall, there are decorative designs that prettify this wall. The one big set of vanity which is provided in this room has a big mirror which is framed with brass metal. You can use this mirror when you want to check your appearance. Moreover, this area gets enough exposures from the wall-mounted lights above the mirror as the additional lighting systems. Meanwhile, the main lighting systems are installed on the ceiling to enlighten this bathroom, particularly during the night.

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