Charming Living Room Designs with Foppish Decorative Elements

Some people decorate their living room with some unique and interesting elements. It aims to showcase a memorable impression on every visitor. Those elements can take from unusual furniture, unique lightings, paintings, and additional accessories that look gorgeous in the living room. Below, we present four charming living room designs with foppish decorative elements which bring pleasure.

Blue tones

The use of several blue touches in this living room is suitable when it combines with gold tones. This one is the perfect eclectic living room design with the use of black couch and decorated with abstract painting above it. The painting has a little blue tone which really fit to the living space theme. Two table lamps are visible sweet accompany the couch. Moreover, cupboards also balance to the furniture arrangement. The gold touches on the chairs and side tables give a more elegant feel for the d├ęcor.
Large Chandelier

There is no doubt that chandelier as the furniture that can increase the glamorous effect for the interior decoration. This living room has a classy shaped chandelier that brings the plushy impression. Not only that, the use of mirrors with the same frame in those walls create a more spacious in the living room despite the fact that this space already has a large size. However, that lovely sofa set seems appropriate to the living room colors that has soft nuance in cream and white. Some decorative elements on the side tables and above the fireplace have their own role in making a foppish living space.

Idyllic sofa

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If you are interested in providing unusual furniture in the living room, why do not you just purchase the unique one? This picturesque sofa is interesting furniture and surely, it can be the most favorite living room furniture for the family because it provides the comfort in sitting and lying down. For the other elements such as Buddha head statue, enticing landscape, unique floor lamp, and some of them seem great yet not too elaborated.

Typically Wall

Walls are also becoming an important element in a living room decor. With an unfinished wall, accompanied by fluffy couch and thick patterned rugs, this room is a representation of a stylish industrial living room.