Classic Kitchen Interior Design for Big Family

When choosing a kitchen design, you should also consider the number of your family members. If you have more than 5 family members, then you better use kitchen island theme as your kitchen interior design. This theme basically has a classic concept with a choice of furniture that can accommodate a lot of people. Here are 3 example of the design.

Island for Eight

Classic, traditional, but elegant are the impressions of this kitchen concept. This kitchen is usually dominated by broken white color which makes it look spacious even though the space used is not too large. The white atmosphere with a touch of brown from the choice of the furniture will make the kitchen look like an elegant and well managed classic kitchen. The most obvious furniture of this kitchen concept is the choice of a curve shaped big table that is placed in the middle of the wooden colored floor cabinet. This table has a simple but luxurious design and is able to accommodate eight people at once.

 Indian Grove Kitchen

This Indian grove kitchen is characterized by the choice of furniture made of stainless steel, for example, the use of stainless steel chairs to emphasize its beauty. Besides that, the use of marble wall accents is one of its characteristics as well. This kitchen is usually dominated by white color to make the room look spacious and clean. White is used as the color of the big marble table which placement is combined with the sink. The purpose of the marble table usage is to make it harmonious with the wall.

 Contemporary Shaker Kitchen

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Another classic island themed kitchen is an elegant contemporary design with a touch of white and light gray color. This kitchen is characterized by the choice of big cabinet that can contain a lot of kitchen appliances such as cutlery and cookware. A multifunctional medium-sized floor cabinet with several drawers is the focal point of this kitchen. The countertop of this table is made of marble so as to give a luxury impression. The kitchen itself is made with an open concept so it looks more spacious. Marble is usually used for flooring material to make the kitchen look harmonious and emphasize the design.

Hopefully, the 3 examples above can inspire you to create a kitchen that is suitable for your big family.