Contemporary Kitchen for a New Look

Are you bored with the look of your kitchen? It’s time to change the aesthetics of your kitchen to be more modern and tidy. To renew the look of the kitchen, you don’t have to do a total renovation. Simply replace several elements, including:

Monochrome color

Rearrange your kitchen using monochrome colors is a shortcut to make it looks more modern. To be more elegant, choose black for the table and cabinet. If you already have a table and cabinet with a certain color, don’t throw them away. Just call a painter service to change the color to monochrome. However, if you want to buy new furniture, you should buy the minimalist one so that you can save space.

Metal material

A modern-style kitchen feels incomplete without the use of the metal material. If you happen to be building a new kitchen, choose kitchen appliances made of stainless steel. These stainless steel appliances will look more attractive if combined with the use of black for furniture. Besides that, it will also provide a spacious impression to the kitchen. You can also apply stainless steel for the kitchen cabinet and kitchen door. Not only that, stainless steel can also be applied to the dishes racks, napkin hangers, and also spatula.

Granite countertop

A countertop made of granite can be a decorative element in the kitchen. Since granite has a hard texture, you can freely slice, cut, or chop on the surface of the granite without the fear of making scratches. Other advantages of granite countertop are it is heat-resistant, the color doesn’t easily fade, and easy to clean.  You just need to wipe the surface and it will look glossy again. If you want to save some money, there is another option. There is a plated granite countertop with a more affordable price. Although it’s not as durable as a pure granite countertop, yet it can last up to several years. The granite motif is varied such as plain, fluted, or wood-like.

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Floor variation

The kitchen floor needs to be paid attention to. You can choose a super glossy black marble for the floor. Another choice is you can use black and white floor tiles to make the kitchen more beautiful. The larger the tiles, the kitchen will look more modern and seem spacious.