Creating a Beautiful Purple Colored Kitchen

The development of the design world is not limited to fashion; the home design is growing rapidly. Now, you can find many home interior and exterior consultants around you to get an advice of how to beautify your home. However, there must be a price you need to pay to get their advice and design, whereas, you can do it yourself with a little learning.

For example, if you want to redesign your kitchen, you don’t need an interior consultant to do it because, with knowledge of colors and its combinations, you can create a beautiful kitchen. One of the colors that you can choose to beautify your kitchen is purple. Purple is a special color, regardless of the stereotype that circulates in the society that purple symbolizes sadness. Purple is the result of blue and red combination that has a warm, elegant, luxurious, and beautiful impression.

If you apply purple in your kitchen, you can combine it with white walls, silver stainless steel kitchen equipment, and white or dark floor. You don’t need to apply purple for the whole kitchen. You can apply this color only on the doors of the shelves for spices and dish racks.

Purple can also be applied on one side of the refrigerator door, while another side remains in its original color. It will create an attractive combination. The touch of purple can also be applied to the kitchen set such as on the stove table or cooking set. The cooking set is usually made of stainless steel that is heat-resistant and easy to clean. You can apply purple on the front part of the cooking set.

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To be more attractive, purple can also be applied on the ceiling of the kitchen, but not the whole ceiling because it can create a dark impression. You can give a little touch of purple on the wood that surrounds the plasterboard and let the plasterboard remains white. If your kitchen ceiling made of concrete, you can also give a little touch of purple on it to create a lovely impression. For the table, chairs, and other furniture, let them in their original colors because give a purple touch will seem too much.