Creating a Country Style Kitchen

If you like all the things related to the country style, it would be great if you have a country-style kitchen. A country-style kitchen can be placed together with the dining room. To create a country-style kitchen, here are several tips that you can apply.


For the wall material, you should use bricks. In a country-style kitchen, the brick wall is usually not coated with cement, to create a natural yet eccentric impression. As a decorator, you can apply natural stones so that the kitchen wall looks more attractive.


You can use parquet floor or wood patterned floor with a matching color with the furniture that will be placed. It is intended so that the country impression stands out and the room feels warmer.


For furniture, choose a kitchen set made of wood that shows typical bright brown wood fibers. Add small tables in the corner of the room with a lace tablecloth or you can also put decorative jars or pottery.

Dining table

The dining table is also an important thing to consider in the country-style kitchen. Choose a table with a solid shape such as square or round with firm legs without carving. The table can be made entirely of wood or using a marble coating for its top. Apply a carpet or rug under the dining table and add a matching tablecloth on it. Beautify the table by adding a vase of chrysanthemum in the middle of the table. Match the dining table with simple wooden chairs.


To increase the country impression, the selection of the kitchen doors must be adjusted. The country style is identical with small-sized bar doors without a lock that can be opened to two different directions. You can order the door specifically in the carpenter to get the right size.

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Wall decoration

Besides furniture, kitchen wall decoration can also be added to make the kitchen more beautiful. Add decoration with a country accent such as hats, plaid shirts, or country-style paintings. You can also add unique wooden barrels as decoration or as a substitute for small tables in the corner of the room.

Creating a country-style kitchen is quite easy, right? Good luck!