Creating a Healthy Kitchen in the House

The kitchen should be the cleanest place in the house. In the kitchen, all kinds of foods are cooked. There are various foodstuffs in the kitchen. A kitchen also has various smells. Besides the cooking smells, the smell of foods and waste also mixed up in the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen can be a place of the germ growth. A dirty and humid kitchen will invite insects such as cockroaches, flies, and mice. All of these things can be a source of disease. To keep your kitchen healthy, you should consider the design of your kitchen.

Here are some things to consider if you want to create a healthy kitchen in your house. Light is an important thing to consider. If you cook, you need adequate lighting. The light that comes into the kitchen can be obtained from two sources, i.e. sunlight and lamp.

There are 3 types of light that can be used in the kitchen. General light is light to illuminate the kitchen when there is no sunlight. This general light should be bright but doesn’t hurt the eyes.

The special light is using halogen lamps. This type of light is usually placed under the kitchen set. The halogen lamp is used to illuminate the area that is used for cutting foodstuff. With this lamp, you can clearly see the color and condition of the food.

Accent light is a light that is used to make the kitchen beautiful. This type of light is usually placed inside the kitchen cabinets. It can be placed in the glass doors of the kitchen cabinets. This light will enhance the look of your kitchen.

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Air circulation is also an important thing in the kitchen. When cooking, you will surely be disturbed by the smoke produced by the cooking process. This condition is certainly uncomfortable for you if the smoke doesn’t come out of the kitchen. Therefore, in a healthy kitchen, the air circulation should be good. You can install some windows in your kitchen. Besides that, you can also install a cooker hood above the stove to suck the smoke. Having a good air circulation will make your kitchen healthy and feel fresher.