Creating an Attractive and Comfortable Small Kitchen

The kitchen is not only an area for cooking but also an important part of a home, where you and your family cook the everyday meals and maybe spend times enjoying coffee there. However, what if you have a small kitchen? Having a small kitchen is not an issue as long as you can decorate it smartly. There are several ways that you can do to make your small kitchen looks more attractive and feels more comfortable, such as:

Smart decoration

The main thing to do in decorating a kitchen is considering the available space. If you have a small kitchen, you shouldn’t decorate your kitchen excessively. You should avoid the use of unnecessary decoration elements because it can make the kitchen look more cramped. Besides that, avoid using decoration elements that have too many details. Simple decoration elements are more suitable for a small kitchen.


A small kitchen should have a proper storage area. Make sure you have small upper and bottom cabinets to store your kitchen equipment and foodstuff. If you store all your kitchen elements properly, your kitchen will look neat and well-organized.

Proper color

For a small kitchen, the selection of the color is an important thing. Bright colors such as white are the most suitable color for a small kitchen. If you choose white for your kitchen, you don’t have to decorate the whole kitchen with this color, you can combine it with black or wood brown to create a contrasting effect and make it looks more attractive.


You can choose wood colored and patterned flooring. This kind of flooring is easier to clean. Additionally, you can also use some carpets in some certain areas such as in front of the refrigerator or in the corner of the room so that water and food won’t spill on the floor directly.

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Lighting is essential in a kitchen. Install an adequate lighting on the cooking and preparation area. You can also provide natural lighting by installing some windows in the kitchen. Windows will also create a good air circulation in the kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small kitchen as long as it is functional, comfortable, and attractive. Good luck!