Creating Living Room Lighting Based On the Functions

The purpose of the light is really important to make the living room nuance becomes more dramatic. Of course, a living room is the place where we often spend lots of time with our family, relatives and friends. However, there must be something difficult when we want to change the living room lighting balance due to each of them has different themes and functionalities. Regarding this fact, we try to invite some tips for you.

The very first thing you have to keep in mind is the purpose of the living room. What is going to happen there? In this case, you need distinguished lighting types and features in different activities of the living room. Common living room lightings usually separated into three main types; there are General living room, Living room for task, and accented living room.  All of them have different functions based on the time used. The key is how they will look like and when you can mix them.

General living room

You have to know that not every house have their proper ceiling. You do not need ceiling light at all especially if you already have appropriate sunlight during the day. However, if you do not have fitting, you can place pendant light or chandelier and hang it to the ceiling. It can create a good focus zone for the living room. Also, placing additional lamps to get highlights and support the chandelier. Another thing, do the trick with floor lamp.

You also have to choose lighting around the TV carefully to avoid the television glare. Balance it with the sconces role.

Living room for task

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For the living room that specified for doing some jobs,  you can add a reading lamp. It is important to be used due to task living room need a soft and low level light which can provides comfort to your eyes. The purpose of the floor lamp between the armchairs also will help you to support the living room for task.

Accented living room

Dramatic lights in the living room tend to create an accent which can be great to display the beauty. This can be realized by the floor lamps, table lamps and sconces. They will function well especially at night. The bouncing lights from them will invite the positive energy to the entire living room.