Creative Blue Bedroom idea For Girls

People say that girl are made of sugar, love and may sweet things. You can associate lovely stuff to a girl but sometimes it won’t fit the image. Nowadays girl is more charming and wants to express them. Then bedroom is the perfect blank canvas where they can explore themselves since the bedroom is a personal room where the owner can explore and reflect these inside it.

Are you currently looking for bedroom inspiration for the girl? Then this article is the perfect answer for your need. Take look at this bedroom design above, you can use it as your bedroom transformation idea.

What do you think after looking at this bedroom above? Is it kind of lovely right? The designer tries to indulge their passions for the pattern and playful color inside this Marrakech house. That why the designer uses this blue color scheme as the main color of the room. Selecting this soothing color is a good option since this bedroom can help to calm the moods. Do you know that blue color scheme has effect to calming our mind? This is well known since blue is the most shooting color in the spectrum of color. With the color and pattern combination, it can create playful looks to the overall design.

This room itself destined for five-year-old daughter. To make a visual interest you can also hang up some portrait and framed artwork above your bed. It will act as a focal point of your bedroom. and to enhance the room design and also make it more unique, this designer decide to use a vintage chair and pendant light to make up the room looks. And it did well. The vintage chair really gives out unique look to the room.

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Since we are talking about kids’ bedroom, you need to consider the source of lighting. Since a room that lack of light won’t look good. It will look dark and not too welcoming for kids. You will need to let some natural light such as sunlight to the room, this way you can also warming up the room using outdoor light. And during the night you can use the pendant light to provide the light.