Creative Kids Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Do you know by keeping the wall in white or gray and just adding some color can give you more possibilities to make your kid bedroom creative and playful? Then the main idea is decorating creative bedroom. This is another good idea since you can still repaint the bedroom if your kid already outgrows of the wall color after in three years. Sound to be a good plan right?

Since we are talking about bedroom decorating, t does not means that you should go empty your wallet by purchasing new item. You can consider what your kids already have and use it in your bedroom decorating project. Children’s books and stuffed animals can help out to add some fun and make the bedroom more playful and colorful. It’s a good option since you can easily change them.

These creative bedroom ideas will inform you with another wonderful creative bedroom. You can use it for your decorating project.


  1. Shaped Up

Do you want to add some interest and playfulness to your kid’s bedroom? then you can use accents of triangles, stripes, and circles to enhance the room design. This is the simple way to make your kids room looks better without leave it plain. You can even decorate with lees money by using this method. Now you can just save your wallet for another purpose.


  1. The New Nautical

One another way in creating fun bedroom is using stacked bed. You can easily get whimsical atmosphere by using a pile of patterns. Bright white canvas, when combined with some pattern, will make wonderful look. If you want to give complete look then you can use yellow frames. This yellow frame will complement the bedroom space perfectly.

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  1. Vibrant Furniture and Accessories

To include a funky statement in your kid bedroom, using unique bed frame is a good option. You can even shout “big girl” theme that won’t look too adult. By suing decal, floral pillow and some color combination it will help you to create simple look in this bedroom. Of course, it will also look sweet. Just use everything that will make your kids happy.