Creative Ways of Decorating a Small Kitchen

A small kitchen can be decorated according to the tastes of each homeowner. Here are several decoration ideas of a small kitchen that you can use as inspirations.

Combining the kitchen with the family room

Although there are many items in these two rooms, they will look harmonious as long as you are smart in choosing the right dominant color. A small black kitchen will look perfect to be combined with a white family room. This color combination can create a casual atmosphere.

Combination of kitchen shelves

You can install several storage cabinets around the door of your kitchen. The kitchen items that are rarely used should be stored in the highest place, while the items that are used every day should be put in a lower place. You can also put a small storage box on top of the refrigerator for storing small items. Additionally, installing a wall-mounted shelf above the dining area is also a great idea. This shelf can be used for storing as well as displaying your tableware.

Wicker basket as storage

You can also place your kitchen items in a wicker basket and arrange it in such a way according to the use of the item. By doing so, your kitchen will look neat and stylish.

Utilizing the corner of the table

Adding a small built-in seating in the corner of the table will make your kitchen more functional. Besides can be used as a seat, you can also store your kitchen items under this seat. For the wall, you can use a color combination of white and black, while for the floor, the striped gingham motif is a great choice. This combination of color and motif will make your kitchen look more spacious.

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Arranging and adjusting

You can also install open shelving above the kitchen set and then paint it with a color that matches the dominant color. By doing so, your kitchen will look very elegant and harmonious.

Cottage-style decoration

A great idea of decorating your kitchen is using a small sink and installing an attractive cloth curtain in its bottom part. Besides that, you can also hang a painting and a wreath above the sink area to enhance the look of your kitchen. This kind of decoration will provide a comfortable impression and a cottage-style atmosphere.