Crystal Chandelier setting up based on the Feng Shui

When talking about Feng Shui, we certainly know that it is a china philosophy that teaches about harmonization and peace around us. If you believe that, then you can apply the principles of Feng Shui to help you create the balances and get a positive energy in life. What we know in the Feng Shui is a positive energy which also called as the “chi,” it can create a happiness and positive look. This is also can be provided in your home interior.

In the placement of furniture, you will find so many Fengshui principle ways as well as the lighting fixtures. When it come to this part, you may consider the right lighting setup for the living room; therefore, it is time for you to adapt the living room chandelier with the Feng Shui principals.

Let the positive energy flowing

Despite the fact that the ancient Chinese practice has distinguished ways, they actually have the same purposes. The purpose is to bring the positive energy. Feng shui principles design allows a positive energy can be easily applied to the environment that contributes to the harmonization, peace, love and also the joy.

How can we set up the chandelier based on the Feng Shui principals?

For the most lighting in Feng Shui, the use of incandescent bulbs is the best way to bring a positive energy. Incandescent bulbs have a light that radiates orange color and makes the atmosphere warmer. If you compare it with other indoor lighting, incandescent bulbs create a more inviting atmosphere everyone. We encourage you to leave one room corner where you can give a good mood with these incandescent bulbs.

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The use of metal chandelier or something else which can reflect the look of the room can be another positive thing for you. Besides providing a chandelier in the middle of the room, you may be able to provide additional light with small crystal chandeliers around to provide more positive energy.

If you like a calmer feel, you can give light with pink or purple lamp shades. Give a more interesting touch with the lights that have lamp shades made of fabrics to add soften nuance and create a calmer atmosphere.