Decorating Your Bedroom with a Relaxing Color Scheme

1. Lilac and grey
This combination of lilac and grey can be used to crate relaxing color scheme inside your bedroom. The lilac is once more as a natural partner that became quite popular shades of grey. All you need just stick it to chalky finishes on walls, natural, and clubby linens. You should add touches of brushed metal as well. It will bring in with soft purple shade and make it lively.

All left is just choosing a simple furniture. It will work well if you want to build a relaxed, casual look inside your bedroom. The look will moves away from the fussy, lilac schemes. Do you know that this kind of color will work well when you combine it with petrol blue accent shade?

2. Yellow and grey
For the next relaxing color scheme, we will suggest you from using yellow and grey. For those who has limited natural light inside the bedroom, then adding pale grays is what you need to avoid. This kind of color will may look too cool and the charcoals color will look too dark. Just paint samples on the wall to test how your color choice changes throughout the day. It will be a safe bet.

Do you want to take it to the next level and give the color combo into life? Then all you need just add pattern. The pattern can be used on wallpaper, curtains, rugs and cushions. There are plenty of mid-century-style graphic that you can use to decorate the room. It will suit a softer floral and stripes and blend well with the relaxing color scheme.

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For a Mid-century and Scandi fans, this kind of bedroom design will feel at home, especially when you apply this pair on your wall. It will work well with clean lines and accessories that pop the color. You might also want to add matt black accent shade since it will blend well to help you improve the bedroom look.