Designing Attractive Mediterranean Kitchens

Mediterranean is identical with moderate weather, sunny white beaches, and tasty cuisine. In this region, a combination of several cultures creates a diverse lifestyle and invites warmth. The Mediterranean design has a similar aura as well. If this design applied in a room, such as a kitchen, it will create classy and timeless as well as elegant impression. If you want to have attractive Mediterranean kitchens, here are several steps to follow.

Earthy warm hues

Attractive Mediterranean kitchens can be created by choosing a warm color for the backdrop. For example, for an attractive and elegant backdrop, mellow cream, yellow, and other sunny shades are a great choice. Add bright pops of red, orange, green, and blue for a color combination and for the overall color scheme, use different gradient. Keep in mind that a majority of exciting colors can be used in Mediterranean kitchens. Therefore, a Mediterranean kitchen is a good prospect for a cold white winter.

Curvy look

For attractive Mediterranean kitchens, rather than a simple and straight line, use geometric shapes. Curves are widely used in Mediterranean kitchens. One kitchen element that can be treated with curve shapes is the hood. A curvy hood will provide a timeless appeal in Mediterranean kitchen. Besides that, curves can also be applied to cabinet handles and faucets. For a unique look, a curved kitchen island or a circular false ceiling will create a grand look with a vintage feel.

Hand-painted tiles

There are some integral parts of the classic Mediterranean home, including beautiful prints and ornate patterns. Therefore, to create attractive Mediterranean kitchens, for the walls and backsplash, use hand-painted mosaic tiles, as for the flooring, use tiles with earthy tones. By doing so, a focal point will be created without the need to add excessive fixtures.

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Lighting and texture

Mediterranean kitchen not only demands richness of colors. You have to improve the aspect of textural as well. A fun way to create attractive Mediterranean kitchens is applying stucco walls. Additionally, a rug with an earthy hue or classy pattern can also be applied to add textures in Mediterranean kitchen. Round it all off with proper Mediterranean-style lighting. Large chandeliers made of wrought iron, metallic pendants and sconces will enhance the Mediterranean feel.