Eclectic Living Rooms With Dark Walls That Invite The Mood Part 2

As what we mentioned on the first article that dark and black living is now becomes interesting one for people in this modern era. The first reason might be because black and the other dark colors have a vibrant display. Secondly, they can be adjusted to some living room interior design themes, whether minimalist, futuristic, elegant, feminine, classic and also eclectic.

However, dark living room surely has to be supported by the other elements aside from the dark color itself in order to make it more beautiful. Here we are about to continue three more living room in eclectic theme with dark wall paints which surely can increase the mood.

This one is created by Italy’s Dimore studio members. The idea is to bring the light and moody at once with modern and delicate impression. Black walls are decorated with attractive arts stack in square shape. The doors have unique and quirky form in white color. You can see the red chairs combined with eclectic additional furniture in blue color brown run and black sofa complete the living room furniture. The other elements such as floor lamp and decorative items on the console also increase the mood for everyone lives here.

A black living room with some crowded interiors is successfully created by Andrea Ferrari. This room groups several eclectic furniture mainly the wicker basket and leaning arts near the side table. All the living room elements blend together to the black lounge chairs with ottoman in front of it and beige sofa. However, the wooden fireplace frames make the display becomes a bit shiny. The minimalist black living room space can be a preferential idea.

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When the first time I saw this living room, the impression that came to my mind was mysterious yet warm and inviting. I could feel that way because some of the furniture which is fills in it. With the use of emerald green chair, dark greenish blue sofa and side chair make the look match each other. Black cushion on the wicker lounge chair is the one mysterious furniture I meant. Not only have that, the fireplace form makes the nuance as if it has a certain story along with the picture and some ewers above the mantel. One last interesting is the white light chandelier hung to the ceiling. It seems unique and inviting simultaneously.