Elegant Classic Bathroom with Arch Entryway Decoration

Another artistic bathroom that you have to take a look is presented in the picture above. This room is also arranged prettily. So, even though is not too large, it can still bring the elegance and a warm atmosphere.

In this room, a bathing area is built separately from other areas. If you want to go to the tub, you need to pass through the arch entryway that has two staircases. The shape of this entrance looks so classical. Next, the location of the bathtub is adjoining with an arch paneled window. The beautiful scenery outside can be shown through this window. The natural light from the sunbeam can also enter and fill this area so that it looks brighter and warm. For avoiding the natural exposure hurts our eyes, this window is covered and embellished with flimsy white curtains installed on the curtain rod which is mounted on the wall. On the edge of the tub, you can put other fixtures or ornaments, such as a plant in the pot, candle placed in the candle holder for additional light, etc.

Furthermore, this bathroom has other necessary facilities, such as a vanity and shower area. The vanity is equipped with some cabinets made of varnished wood whilst the countertop is made of brown cultured marble. In the cabinets, you can store any necessity, like the toiletries, new towels, and other tools safely. It also has a pristine white washbasin made of porcelain with a minimalist metal faucet. This area has a wood-framed mirror and it gets a sufficient lighting from the lights of the wall sconces. A hand towel which hanging on the hanger is also available, so you can use it to wipe your hands after washed them.

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The shower room is separated by the translucent glass. The utilization of the glass helps this small bathroom doesn’t become even smaller and narrower. It is because there is no barrier that can hamper our eyesight so that we can see toward this area directly. This method uses an eye trick to make a small room look a bit more spacious.