Elegant Formal Dining Room Decorating Style

Gathering with family is important to create a strong bond between the parents and children. Sometimes, the parent always being busy every time and never recognize the important of gathering with their family. To make the gathering simple, parents just need to create an entertaining dining room. The great design of dining room plays an important role to encourage the family member. However, the dining room atmosphere affects to the appetite. As long as the dining room style is entertaining enough even the style is too formal, this will make the family member feel happy to stay around.

One of the most popular formal dining room designs is made by Angelo Surmelis. The dining room is full of artistic pieces that spicing up the dining room look. The soft yellow of wall and ceiling color make the dining area feels warm and really inviting. The color scheme creates a warmth atmosphere and encourages the people to stay in comfort dining area even if the dining time is over. Continue the activity with having a nice chit chat about the activity in a day or another nice conversation. Throw the enlarge black and white photo of family increase the warmth atmosphere and make the dining room looks absolutely comfortable. To strengthen the formal and elegant ambiance, the upholstered chair surrounding the dark stained table is kind of perfect.

Another formal dining room is made by Designer Troy Beasley. With a neutral color, he creates a warm and cozy dining room. The armchair makes the dining room look so comfortable. The upholstered chair color mixes the oversized pendant lamp. Both of them bring a formal but in the same time the casual is showing off too. The designer makes the homeowner hold the appetite by putting a fresh green pear in the bowl. This trick can be used for those who want to reduce the appetite and control the food consumption. The soft gray of modern pendant lighting makes the dining room look so interesting and not boring, and also illuminate the lofty dining area. Add more pop of fresh green plant in the corner to embellish the dining appealing.

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