Elegant Retro Bedroom Design Idea

Do you currently look a unique bedroom design for yourself? In this modern day sometimes we lost our touch because of the stressful day, and then the answer is simple. Make a bedroom where you can enjoy yourself, make a good time, relaxing and release any stress that piled after a daylong work. Maybe in this modern day the bedroom function already changed into more than a just place where you spend your night. The bedroom is also a place where you explore and expressed you. Even just for a short moment, after taka look of your bedroom, people can describe you. The bedroom can tell a story without any word, it describes your desire, your personality and also your interest.

If you are into the glamorous room, then you should take a look of this bedroom. It would suit you well.

This room owner painted the ceiling in cloud gray; this would be a perfect match with the wrought-iron canopy bed. The combination creates antique looks that vibrating around. To enhance the room design and make it more elegance, the chandelier can do the work while at the same time it helps to create a good atmosphere during the night. Using chandelier as the main source of lighting can help you bring out elegance, glamorous, and romantic atmosphere.

The pink patterned warmer really gives feminine touch to space, especially when combined with a rustic leather club chair and simple pine chest. The wool carpet that used around can provide a night warming touch to the overall design. Just imagine how you step on the carpet after waking up on cold weather. It will be the amazing sensation to your feet instead of stepping a cold floor.

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To add the splash of color in your bedroom, you can make use of the duvet or use pillow cover. On the bedroom above, the owner tries to add color in the room by using pink warmer and also red throw pillow. By doing so, it actually makes the design more feminine.

Then to finish up the design, all you need maybe you can use some old artwork or framed retro picture and hang it on the wall. It would make the antique element in your bedroom stronger.