Fabulous Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many things that should be considered when building a kitchen. One important thing is the design. Design will determine the overall appearance of the kitchen. Choosing the wrong design will result in a kitchen’s look that is less attractive. To give you inspirations, here are some fabulous ideas of kitchen design that you can apply.

Outdoor kitchen

This outdoor kitchen uses light gray cabinetry that look simple yet appealing. It applies Nantucket-style doors that are also light gray-colored. An island counter with a blue-toned countertop made of natural stone is the charm of this kitchen. It uses wooden floors that are painted in light gray to create a harmonious look. Having a meal will be more enjoyable with the fresh air by the application of a white square table and some white armless chairs for the dining area. To complement the look, it applies a chandelier which is hung on the ceiling between the cooking and dining area. Besides that, some small pendant lights are also installed above the island counter to illuminate the prep work. Some potted plants are also used to enhance the kitchen’s look.

Old Wood

This kitchen uses old wood as the dominant material. Old wood is used for the cabinetry, island counter, floors, and also ceiling beams. Old wood provides a mellow charm to this kitchen. To add a sophisticated vibe to the kitchen, black tiles are used for the backsplash. In addition, the backsplash area is also added with open shelving which is used to put tableware. A vintage sink is also applied to make the kitchen more attractive. The look of this kitchen is complete by the use of white for the ceiling and countertops.

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It is an old farmhouse-style kitchen that looks interesting. It has a cozy décor and warm vibe by the use of old-fashioned cabinets in navy blue. It also applies hardware made of bronze and drawers in apothecary style. Two industrial-style black pendant lights are hung above the island to enhance the farmhouse feel. It also uses open shelving which is installed above the cooking area for placing a number of white tableware. As a decoration, a small potted flower is put on the corner of the cabinets.