Fabulous Living Rooms That Use Long Hair Rug Ideas Part 1

If you want to make your living room floor becomes more comfortable to be passed or used to sit or lying down, you may want to present a long hair rug or we often call it a shaggy rug. By giving this rug, everyone will be able to walk barefoot comfortably. If you still do not know much about long hair rugs and carpet, it is a kind of floor cover that has longer yarn than usual. It appears catchy and fluffy as well. Long hair rugs also come from many materials such as polyester, wool, or even bamboo. Here we give you some examples of them which are installed nicely in some dazzling living rooms.

First, I have to say that this living room has a really attractive spiral staircase with modern theme. You can see the color combinations which not really complicated but neutral and elegant bring the classy look for the entire room. The seating area has an orange lounge chair that place on the shaggy rug along with gray sofa set and white coffee tables in a lower form. Large landscape over the modern fireplace has its own purpose white the glass window and door panels certainly increase the bright feel in this living room.

A cozy atmosphere in this living room comes from the furniture arrangement and also the use of shaggy rung at one of the seating parts. This spacious living room has two separate areas. One of the uses white sofa set in L-shaped with wooden glass coffee table and side table. Silver ornaments on the tables bring elegant look. Another part of seating, there is a fireplace with mounted large television. Brown furniture arranged properly with narrow table. All of them complete each other. What do you think?

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This penthouse has a great decoration with window panels and thick white carpet on the floor. It seems as if another floor on the seating area aside from the dark brown floor. The furniture that is used also seems modern and elegant. Two leather chairs in brown colors, white sofa with reddish fabric, black ottomans are the main furniture in this living room. Coffee table, shelves and table lamps used as the supporting elements to bring drama and comfort.