Fabulous Living Rooms That Use Long Hair Rug Ideas Part 2

Nowadays, there are number of shaggy rugs designs offered on the market range from different colors, materials and price. You can select one or two of them and place them on your living room floor to make your interior becomes more comfortable. Here we will continue on long hair or shaggy rug ideas for the living rooms. Take a look!

This living room has a white impression with eclectic furniture fill into it. I love the L-shaped sofa in this room that seems clean and bright. With two lounge chairs in appealing shapes, the furniture arrangement looks perfect and is completing each other. Glass coffee table functioned properly to serve anyone here. Moreover, the use of white shaggy rug increases the comfortable ambiance for the householder and visitors. Asian photographs above the sofa appear beautiful, aren’t they?

One of the nice ideas for the lounge area with shaggy rug can be seen on this picture. The use of upholstered blue chairs looks fancy and neatly. Some wall hangings or pictures decorate the living room wall. At the glass table, we can see some items that placed include of table lamp that give a nice illumination when it comes evening.

This stylish living room uses brown long hair rug that placed in front of the leather sectional sofa. Live trunk table in the middle is very elegant and natural. The wood flooring seems shiny and add a more fresh and shady ambiance for the living room. Obviously, this room content of thick wooden elements as we can see on the ceiling beams and the walls. However, I also like the glass walls that present some nice outdoor views.

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In this Scandinavian living room style, a thick brown shaggy rug appears comfortable to be passed through. Its color looks suitable with the wooden tables around it. The black sofa has some chic throw pillows and fabric. This room comes with two separated areas. One for the lounge, one for the dining area which has five black chairs and one single white dining table. We can enjoy relax and gather here with a nice view beyond the glass windows.