Fancy Living Room Designs With Workbenches

If you have a small dwelling and would like to add a work desk in a certain room, it is perfectly possible. You only need a little empty space in one room in your minimalist house to be an “office”. One of the places that surely can be used is a living room. Here, we present four minimalist living rooms that come with a convenient work bench.

With the desk placement behind the seating area, this room provides a comfortable place for you when working at home. Warm and semi-formal ambiance in this room is created with the use of dark brown furniture that combined with cream color on the brick walls. There are a leather couch and side chairs with a simple yet nice arrangement in front of the television and near the fireplace. For the decorations, there are shelves attached to the wall to put some decorative elements such as photographs and painting. Some plants at a few spots can give fresh impressions.

.This living room has a comfortable sectional sofa with patterned throw pillows. The coffee table looks very appropriate combined with a couch and has a beautiful vase. There is a large work desk with a bookshelf above. Putting working equipment on the shelf is a good idea, so you can work with complete properties. With the presence of a unique floor lamp near the sofa to make the rest time after working more qualified.

A simple ambiance, modern and classy appears in this room. It divided into two parts, the front room for a more formal atmosphere with an interesting work desk, dark glass coffee table and a beige couch plus purple accents on the pillows. Vase remains as a sweetener in the room. Besides, yellow painting gives a little cheerful impression in this room. On the inside, there is such a storage table with some decorations. Apparently, its owner wants to create a space to relax but still be able doing work.

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Perhaps this room has a more personal impression because of the size of the room that is not too large. However, with the presence of lovely furniture in brown shades will make anyone feel at home here. Fluffy area rug plus a boxed ottoman which suitable with sectional sofa in front gives a tender look for everyone. Workbench placed at the corner looks cozy to accompany your overtime. Pretty decorative wall more and more embellish this living room.