Fluffy Living Room Decorations That Bring Cushioned Feel

The main purpose of a living room decoration is to provide a comfortable feel whether for the homeowner or the guest visiting. There will be plenty of ways in creating a bearing atmosphere in the living room. One of them is to use some cozy furniture with comfortable materials. You can also use lovely elements such as fluffy rugs, sofa, or fabrics. By doing so, you will get a comfortable seats, walking area and also an eye-catching impression. Here we give you four beautiful minimalist living rooms with lovely furry elements.

This living room attends with minimalist decoration using fluffy white rug which looks really comfortable and nice-looking along with the wood floor. With the simple sectional sofa in dark dray color, this seat also decorated with some patterned throw pillows and furry white cushion on it. Gray chair and lovely rounded coffee table on golden legs create a cozier ambiance to the space. Mirror can give a spacious feel while the floor lamp provides a lovable impression. Bright and bear nuance come from the window with translucent curtains.

Calm, soft, comfortable and bright are the impression that come from this living space. Using many fluffy elements on the classic sectional sofa invent a bear sitting time. This sofa has some cottony pillows to make your family or visitor pleased. Rounded furry rug on the wooden floor is another comfortable item. Fancy lighting and decorative items create enticing view at the top.

An elongate living room with fluffy cushions on the blue seats still invites longevity for everyone. This space has a minimalist decoration with patterned rug and dark fireplace mantle. There is bookshelf at the end of the room and placed several wall d├ęcor. Proper balance from the white wall and ceiling colors supported by framed window and they present a dramatic illumination.

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A furry rug always invents a comfortable walk area for the every person, especially at the sitting place. Simple furniture arrangements using single sofa with red patterned cushions, a white coffee table and two ottoman looks pretty comfortable. It also comes with multifunctional chair as additional seat. Rounded mirror accompanied by table lamps on the right and the left looks symmetrical. Painting on the wall creates a sweet art touch.