Four Dainty Living Rooms with Red, Blue and White Colors

Colors in the living room decoration can make the look becomes more interesting. The color selection in the home interior will determine the display if it is good or bad to look at. Some people want to make their living room has a casual, fancy and interesting by selecting vibrant colors. There are three colors that often to be chosen; blue, red and white. These colors seemed to represent all of the color palettes, aren’t they? Here we have collected four appealing living room that use red, blue and white color. You may be able to get inspired by seeing these pictures. Check it out!

The first list of the living room designs is decorated by Ian Harrison. This place is really proper to have relaxed time after doing your boring job. It is located near the bay with attractive and comfortable design using some soft and smooth furniture. The white couch has red and blue accented pillows while the side chairs and coffee table arranged well on the stripes rug. It also has nice bluish landscape above the fireplace. If you want to enjoy the scenery, just walk onto the terrace and see the beautiful view.

When we look at the majority of ranch house, they tend to have tons of wood with similar color accents; but it is different to this living room. The colors used are more varied so as the furniture, materials and also the decorations.  Red wall, painted bricks, dark blue couch and also side chair in this living room seems beautiful to be seen and to live in. Lovely white lightings on the ceiling are pretty, right?

Maritime living room theme in this place is really stunning with the use of white, red and blue elements. This “boat” room has lots of natural materials that provide the nautical impression. Red-cream couch, brown-cream ottoman and reddish pouf serve you to have comfortable seating while the paddles, wheels and the other decorative items will bring you to the sea.

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Actually, this room only has one single main color; white. The owner generates this place into a more colorful by using cool prints in the armchairs and pillows on the blue couch. Red side chairs seems striking while the brown rug seems to be a perfect “container” for the furnishing.