Gallant Open Living Room Concepts Part 1

Do you want to apply an open living room concept to your home? Through this articles which divided into two parts, we will show you exactly how the concept of open living rooms that will provide comfort in your life. The beauty and comfort will certainly spoil your family, where you can see the entire room or even outside view at the same time. The concept of an open living room can be applied in various house models with different sizes. You can always choose one of these several open living space examples here.

In general, the open living room concept has a wide of a full glass window. In this living room, a rectangular living room arrangement with a glass window that almost full filled the length of the wall. This allows the guests enjoying the sights on the terrace with a patio outside. The use of white sofa with a sleeper in the end side gives comfort to everyone. It can be seen minimalist furniture arrangement with two dark chairs and narrow coffee table. The area rug also blends well with the shiny wooden floor.

A fireplace flanked by the glass windows with the box frames creates a comfortable ambiance in the living room. In this situation, people can enjoy the relaxing time in front of the fireplace while still can see the scenery. The wall painted with creamy color and it seems suitable for the floor.  A unique bulb floor lamp creates a dramatic lighting on the evening. The arrangement of furniture with a sectional sofa and side chair along with small rounded coffee table gives a leniency feel in the living room.

The living room design divides space into several sections such as conversation area, dining area, and kitchen area. Open concept living room that looks so attractive with glass windows separated by a wall in the middle. In addition, this room has a sophisticated staircase. Minimalist furniture such as high arm couch and modern chairs arranged neatly.

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Sunken living room with open space concept can be a great inspiration for you. This room has a warped ceiling with Sturdy beam and using wood-framed glass window, makes a very pleasurable atmosphere. Minimalist wooden furniture in the middle of the room accompanied by a white carpet gives casual and cool nuance.