Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas

In the modern era like today, a kitchen not only serves as a cooking area. It can also be used as a dining area and even an area to entertain guests. Therefore, the appearance of the kitchen is important to be considered. To make the kitchen look attractive and feel comfortable, the design is a thing to consider carefully. Here are some gorgeous kitchen design ideas to give you inspirations.

Small and colorful yet elegant

A tiny space can also be made into an interesting kitchen with a proper decoration. This small kitchen look colorful and elegant at the same time. It applies patterned silvery-blue wallpaper for its entire walls. The use of wallpaper adds charm to the tiny space. In addition to the wallpaper, blue is also used for the cabinetry. Blue looks more attractive by the use of white for the ceiling, floors, and countertops. This kitchen look more charming by the installation of a uniquely-designed pendant light made of rattan which is hung right in the middle of the room.

Rustic and refined

This is a kitchen that gives a rustic and refined impression. The rustic impression is obtained by the use of wood as the main material. It applies white countertops made of limestone that provide an exquisite look. The application of unique range and custom hood that has copper accents makes the kitchen look more charming and appealing. As for the floors, it uses large gray tiles which some parts of the floors are covered with a beige carpet that enhance the kitchen’s look.

Southwestern style

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A kitchen is not just about cooking. The kitchen above looks very interesting by the use of cheerful sunbaked yellow for its wall color. Yellow looks more stand out by the application of white for the cabinetry and window frames. The southwestern style is very obvious by the placement of pottery and folk arts on the open shelving and on the cabinets. Some of the arts are also hung around the small window above the cooktop. The pottery and arts use brown as its dominant color. Additionally, brown is also used as the color of the countertop.