Great Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many design ideas that you can apply to make your kitchen as attractive and comfortable as possible. Each design has its distinctive characteristics that will provide a particular impression and atmosphere in the kitchen. Here are some great kitchen design ideas that you can follow.


The first one is a Dutch-inspired kitchen. The Dutch style is very obvious by the placement of a fireplace which is adorned by 17th– and 18th-century tiles. Additionally, this kitchen also uses double-door cupboard, a chandelier made of bronze, a mirror with a bronze frame that is placed above the fireplace, and gray-painted floors that look classic and traditional. There is also an upholstered French armchairs that is put besides the fireplace. For other elements, this kitchen uses rear cabinets, marble countertop for the island counter, and stainless steel range and hood. As for the color, it is dominated by white.

A tiny kitchen

Even though the kitchen is small with limited space, but it can accommodate various kitchen elements. This kitchen applies a mirror backsplash to reflect the whole kitchen to make it look more spacious. As for the stove, it uses an electric cooktop that can also be used as a countertop. It also applies simple cabinetry to provide storage space and also give an illusion of grandeur. Besides using cabinetry for storing kitchen equipment, it also utilize hooks to hang utensils such as pots and pans. Despite the limited space, this kitchen is still able to look charming and appealing.

Maritime style

This is a modern kitchen that is combined with a maritime style. To create a sleek yet nautical look with an urban vibe, it uses the combination of wood, concrete, and metal for the material. To match the doorway, the wall on the right side of the range is angled that makes this kitchen look like a boat, in which the cooktop is placed at the prow. It applies a crown ceiling which is painted in white and several harbor lights that are installed above the island area. As for decoration, it utilizes a small potted plants which is placed on the island counter and a number of small framed artworks on the cabinets.

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