How to Design Black Accent Bedroom

Do you one of the black color lovers? Well, it might be uncommon to use this black color in interior design, especially if it comes to bedroom design. But luckily with the correct touch, black can provide very beautiful and bold accent color. You did event deed to afraid of the dark side of using black color in your interior design. There are lots of ways you can use black in the décor and still have a bright bedroom. If you insist on painting all your bedroom’s walls black, painting your ceiling in white is a must then. Sine will reduce the dark of your bedroom, and white color can help you to reflect the lighting around your bedroom. By doing so, you can create a balance in your room.

If you want to create an accent wall in your bedroom using black color, then you can easily make the room look airy and inviting. As we described on above, to make your black accent walls looks great then paint up the rest of the walls and the ceiling in white. By doing so you can create a strong contrast and make it looks far more elegant.

Do you know that it doesn’t mean that your black accent wall has to be simple? Of course that it would be more dramatic without anything else but some simple patterns won’t so overwhelm. For example, you could opt for black wallpaper with modern prints and patterns.

For the floor, you could use a soft rug or carpet to cover your floor. To add some warmth you might need an element that helps you balance everything evenly because e black is strong and dramatic color as well as a cold and dark one. If you do this you can create a cozy and invite bedroom.

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Since black is the main color, how about turn the whole bedroom into a black and white space? Pair up the ceiling white and the floor black and the use furniture feature with the same color combination, you can also alternate your black wall with using white walls. You will definitely love this setup.