Increase Appetite with Color Combining Tricks

When choosing colors for the walls of the dining room, the choice often falls on neutral colors such as white, yellow, and cream-colored. Red and blue colors are also an option because according to the research, the color red can arouse your appetite and blue tend to help a person remember pleasant childhood memories.

Actually, you can choose any bold color, including purple. You just have to be creative with the thickness of the right color, interesting accents, as well as the “play” of light to keep the appetite in the room.

Blending with neutral colors

The first way that you can try for the dining room is a purple color blend with neutral colors. Choose a dark purple color and thick enough to one of the walls in the dining room. Combine the walls with neutral colors around him.

For example, the cream-colored at the one wall and white as the color of the ceiling.

Also, do not forget to provide interesting accents. Use chandelier made of glass or steel. Glass ornaments can also be placed as a “centerpiece” in the middle of the dining table. Shiny ornaments are able to give a modern look to the dining room.

Combine with bronze color

In addition to using the embellishments of the transparent glass as the “centerpiece”, you can also use colors of bronze. By combining purple and bronze, this will create an attractive and elegant appearance. Especially, if combined with the type and shape of the right accent.

Bronze ornaments that look fancy and dark wood furniture to support that view. Not only is it a luxury, dining room setting gives a warm feel.

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Stay bright with white domination

However, not everyone is happy with a luxurious look. For those of you who want to bring the purple color to the dining room, but do not want the colors to make felt “heavy”, try using white color.

Bright colors make the room feel more spacious and “mild”. Enjoy dining while accompanied by the following color palette: purple, white, and a little gray to make the dining room “light” is. If necessary, use the same light-colored wood floors and wood furniture similar colored.